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Popping the Question.

I have a beautiful wifePopping the Question

by Don Martone,

I have a beautiful wife.

Come this August we will have been married for 2 wonderful years. I remember the night I proposed to her quite vividly. It was such an amazing time of my life. What an exhilarating feeling. “How will she react?” “Will she even say yes?” I remember picking out the ring as well. So many choices! “Which one would she want to wear forever?” However at the end of the day a ring, whether lustrously shining in silver or elegantly glowing in gold, symbolizes love, faith, never ending commitment, and a promise to one another.

As I sit here pondering the commitments of marriage and it’s great virtues symbolically represented through the imagery of a ring, I can’t help but to relate it to current events. So today my purpose is to urge you to “Just go for it! Do it! Take the plunge” …INTO YOUR TOILET.

Yes my purpose today is to ask the question, “Have you changed YOUR toilets wax ring lately?”  (more…)

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Five Stages of Home Buyer Grief

By Katie Cocuzzo


Buyers sometimes become emotionally attached to a property before they actually own it. In fact, some fall head over heels before any contracts have been signed.

Truth be told, this situation is as unavoidable as it is irrational. When you finally find a place to call home it starts to feel as though you belong there. All of your senses go wild, and before you know it, you’re in love.

But when something goes wrong and you realize the house of your dreams may not love you back, Buyer’s are often left heartbroken. Just like losing a loved one, they mourn a lifetime of memories that will never come to fruition. This can be an emotional roller-coaster, and here is what you can expect: (more…)

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I recently read an interesting post about an agent’s thoughts on home staging and how to effectively tailor it to families. In it states that it’s best to stage the home in a way that evokes a “lived-in” feeling, rather than the clean, sterile, blank canvas approach.

Personally, both approaches have its merits, but it all depends on the type of client you have. (more…)

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Agent Spotlight: 5 Questions with Katie Cocuzzo

Katie Cocuzzo-Geo Properties

Katie Cocuzzo, Sales Agent
Licensed Sales Agent in RI

At Geo Properties, we pride ourselves on providing quality tailored advice for our clients. Our agents are well-versed in the industry, as well as the local market. But best of all, they have amazing personalities to boot. Which, if you ask us, makes the entire process of buying or selling your home not only seamless, but enjoyable too.

So what better way to get to know our agents than to publicly ask them personal questions? Here are 5 questions with our newest agent, Katie Cocuzzo, one of our brightest, hilariously witty agent. (more…)

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Dare we say it–applications for the new historic preservation tax credits have exceeded more than what the state can offer. Although the limited budget is unfortunate (with 34.5 million available), the upside is that efforts to revitalize our city remains a great interest for developers and business owners. The state only began accepting applications on Thursday, August 1st. (more…)

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When it Comes to Home Maintenance, Go Historic


A recent article on Projo made an interesting point regarding the construction industry, one that many (but not all) real estate writers and enthusiasts have overlooked. We say this with confidence because many home buyers and sellers have also overlooked this fact.

What we’re talking about is one of the major casualties from the recent recession: deferred maintenance. (more…)

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The Reason Why Buyers Walk After Inspections


There’s a unique phenomenon happening in the real estate market between buyers and home inspections. Many real estate agents have noticed that buyers are bolting after an inspection report comes in, even one with the slightest repairs. There have been cases when potential buyers ask for a refund back before even allowing the seller to offer new repairs on the property.

Why is this happening, you may ask? This blog post dabbles into the reason why, and we have more insight into this situation.

The author of said blog post believes that there are several factors that play into buyers leaving after inspections. For example, since the market is so hot right now, many buyers are pressured into jumping at any listing without careful consideration. True, a few years ago, there were a lot more houses on the market, and buyers had the pick of the litter. But now, some potential buyers don’t even get to go inside the property as it’s already under agreement (some within seven days on the market).

And because these buyers had more time to negotiate or shop around, they often felt good about their decision.

This scenario doesn’t happen quite often anymore. Buyers are feeling the pressure, they are feeling the competition. And in result, they aren’t sure whether they are putting in an offer because they truly want to the property, or if it’s because it’s difficult to find something else. That’s why when the last leg of the process presents itself (the inspection report), buyers then bolt. Even on the slightest list of repairs. They just aren’t sure this is the one because they hadn’t had time to process the entire transaction.

Think about it: Let’s say you’re in the mood to buy a new suit, or a pair of shoes, and the clothing store was about to close in 20 minutes. You like what you see but you can’t decide. You feel rushed so you go with whatever’s in front of you or whatever just fits properly. This future purchase fits the basic criteria: it’s black, affordable, you can wear it anywhere. Yet as you’re waiting in line to purchase the product, you may feel like you’re settling.

You deem this purchase as an “impulse buy” instead of feeling proud of how quickly and convenient this transaction was for you.

Since buying a home is more of a larger commitment, buyers just run out the door. It makes sense, right?

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Cluck (Thank) You-An Open Letter to Providence Monthly

Cluck you

If you’ve been following the recent controversy surrounding CLUCK! and its very public battle with neighboring objectors,  you’d most certainly appreciate this open letter to CLUCK!’s opponents by Providence Monthly.

This article, written by John Taraborelli, highlights some of the main grievances that many of us have been feeling towards this whole situation. Not just the Providence Zoning Board, but more specifically, their main objector, Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church. Now, we don’t believe in fighting hate with hate, at all.

But what this article addresses is the plain and simple fact that these seemingly pointless objections suppress something good for the neighborhood. And by something good, we mean, small businesses, culture, vision and progress.

More than anything, the city of Providence desperatly needs the support of small business ventures. Our state is currently ranked as having the sixth-highest unemployment rate in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s recent report. This isn’t an issue to be taken lightly, by any means (or costs).

Tataborelli hit the nail on the head when he says, “That a small business owner should have to endure months of legal fights, backbiting and fear mongering, rack up exorbitant legal fees and rally the support of hundreds of neighbors simply to earn the right to sell seeds and garden tools in a once blighted property that she has remodeled and revitalized is patently absurd and sends a terrible message about the cost of doing business in our fair city.”

Yes, yes, and yes.

CLUCK! proprietor Drake Patten, shouldn’t have to rally hundreds of people in support to just open up a harmless farming supply store, which in fact, replaces an abandoned gas station.

However, it must be said that public occurrences such as this only furthers other business owners, artists, and the overall community to stand for what they believe in. As a city that is currently undergoing reforms in historic tax regulations, public financing, and abandoned properties, we need facelifts when we can get it. Right?

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Dolce GelateriaJust in time for summer–a brand new ice cream and gelato shop opened up at Providence’s Fox Point neighborhood.

New owner, John Lanni, opened up Dolce Gelateria about two weeks ago at 270 Wickenden Street, and the local neighborhood couldn’t be more excited.

If you consider yourself to be an East Sider then you’d know how many restaurants are lacking in the dessert area, particularly in the summer and spring time when the concrete pavements are sweltering, and there aren’t any public pools in sight. Sure, you can dive into the muddy waters of India Point Park for some relief, but it’s a bit risky.

One of the greatest aspects of living on the East Side, particularly the Fox Point area, is actually being within walking distance to India Point Park. This waterfront park is most commonly used to host festivals and seasonal events throughout the year. At other times, East Siders roam the area to walk their dog, read a book, or play frisbee with their friends. And you know what their probably thinking: “Man, it would be nice for some ice-cream right about now.”

You may be thinking, “Oh, another ice cream shop.” Don’t get us wrong, there are many wonderful places in the area to buy tasty desserts. The Duck & Bunny, for example, is an amazing restaurant (a snuggery, in fact) where they specialize in creating delicious cupcakes, as well as special order cakes and pies. Then you have other local cafe’s like Cafe Zog and Coffee Exchange, both on Wickenden Street. Great coffee, but we don’t need more coffee, or more thrift shops, or antique shops. We need ice cream.

Interestingly enough, another business owner also got the memo. A new frozen yogurt place is setting up shop a few stores down from Dolce Gelateria.

I ask a young student on Wickenden Street what she thought of both new businesses opening up, and this is what she said: “I work on Wickenden so it’s nice to be able to go get some ice cream on my breaks, especially since there aren’t that many places like it around the neighborhood. There’s definitely a trend happening here, especially with frozen yogurts, as there aren’t that many around.”

Rivalry anyone?

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Being under contract is never dull. But one recent transaction that I was involved with highlighted one of the more concerning aspect of the home purchase process: the reliability of sellers’ disclosures.  Below are a few choice items that were missing from these particular sellers required disclosures, but that anyone who has ever read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book could figure out at first sight of these clues: (more…)

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