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Popping the Question.

I have a beautiful wifePopping the Question

by Don Martone,

I have a beautiful wife.

Come this August we will have been married for 2 wonderful years. I remember the night I proposed to her quite vividly. It was such an amazing time of my life. What an exhilarating feeling. “How will she react?” “Will she even say yes?” I remember picking out the ring as well. So many choices! “Which one would she want to wear forever?” However at the end of the day a ring, whether lustrously shining in silver or elegantly glowing in gold, symbolizes love, faith, never ending commitment, and a promise to one another.

As I sit here pondering the commitments of marriage and it’s great virtues symbolically represented through the imagery of a ring, I can’t help but to relate it to current events. So today my purpose is to urge you to “Just go for it! Do it! Take the plunge” …INTO YOUR TOILET.

Yes my purpose today is to ask the question, “Have you changed YOUR toilets wax ring lately?”  (more…)

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Five Stages of Home Buyer Grief

By Katie Cocuzzo


Buyers sometimes become emotionally attached to a property before they actually own it. In fact, some fall head over heels before any contracts have been signed.

Truth be told, this situation is as unavoidable as it is irrational. When you finally find a place to call home it starts to feel as though you belong there. All of your senses go wild, and before you know it, you’re in love.

But when something goes wrong and you realize the house of your dreams may not love you back, Buyer’s are often left heartbroken. Just like losing a loved one, they mourn a lifetime of memories that will never come to fruition. This can be an emotional roller-coaster, and here is what you can expect: (more…)

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Fire. That. Agent!

Fire. That. Agent!

by: Katie Cocuzzo 

“I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”  

-Marilyn Monroe

I’m fairly positive she was speaking to her real estate agent.



Truth be told, buying or selling a home can bring out the worst in people. It’s true. Your crazy is front and center with your savings on the line, or a lifetime of family memories swinging in the breeze. People go insane. Buyers and Sellers alike.

But the problem is, sometimes it’s not just the home-owners that have been compromised. All too often I hear horror stories of Buyers/Sellers who were displeased with their Real Estate agents, and to them I say…

Hire slow and fire fast. (more…)




The Cannabis Effect.

Medical Marijuana Rights and Landlord Detriments

by Rita Danielle Steele

weed merge

Recently, while bringing a client through a multi-family Providence home, the flustered listing agent tried hopelessly to explain a tenant’s marijuana plants. “They are permitted to grow for their personal use,” she said, as I surveyed the ceiling above the heat lamps and noted that the building’s fire safety system was not up to code. The room was hot and the air was moist. My mold allergies were in overdrive. “Thank you,” I politely told the agent as I ushered my client far away from the property. (more…)

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The Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make

By Rita Danielle Steele

Attention sellers: the reasons your realtor has been giving you for why your home is not selling are worth listening to. A recent realtor survey of real estate professionals has outlined the top six reasons why some listings don’t sell. While the list will not surprise any agents out there, it may be an eye opener for some of you sellers. So before you throw your realtor under the bus for not hosting enough open houses, read on: (more…)

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While still in the early stages, demolition of the house located at 93 Atwells Ave began Monday, and it is causing quite the stir in the community. People are not pleased. Rumors of a hotel being opened on the historic site have been circling, but there are many that feel they will need to “see it to believe it”. (more…)

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With a Little Help from My Friends – The Library Project (Part 2)

Welcome to the second blog post of the Rumford Library Project photo series, where we document Geo’s managing broker, Rita Danielle Steele, on her journey of restoring a town library into a home. In this post, we share the next few phases of the project–from selecting an antique tub for the master bedroom to breaking down a wall of bricks for a new back door opening.


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What’s the big deal about real estate crowdfunding?


Lately, there’s a lot of chatter going around about real estate crowdfunding in the finance world. This is because crowdfunding regulations are changing, with the possibility that real estate investment becomes more democratized– allowing smaller players into the game. Regulatory changes by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will allow small investors (who earn less than $200K per year) to invest in real estate crowdfunding projects. Yes, smaller fishes now get to play in, well, the small leagues. (more…)

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I recently read an interesting post about an agent’s thoughts on home staging and how to effectively tailor it to families. In it states that it’s best to stage the home in a way that evokes a “lived-in” feeling, rather than the clean, sterile, blank canvas approach.

Personally, both approaches have its merits, but it all depends on the type of client you have. (more…)

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For those of you who have been following The Library Project so far, you’re already aware that restoring a town library is a major undertaking. Not only does it require the help of architects and construction aficionados, but also the communal support of friends and family members. This project has been an amazing journey so far, and the best part about it is that it’s all being documented along the way. (more…)

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